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Winters, CA– This month Peregrine Elementary students continue their year-long ecological study of the Wragg Fire burn site near Lake Berryessa. The Wragg Fire burned over 8,000 acres in Napa and Solano counties last year.  Students from Peregrine School cordoned off two small areas affected by the burn, which they have been monitoring and studying since October. This learning opportunity is a unique example of Peregrine’s commitment to experiences beyond the classroom, outdoor education, and hands-on, scientific inquiry.

Participants in this project, students who range from 2nd through 6th grade, have “the [unique] opportunity to see what it looks like for nature to restore itself versus when humans intervene in restoration,” says Science Teacher Carol Fonseca. Younger students have been able to apply this knowledge to a native plant restoration project on their school campus, and older students are learning, in depth, about soil and fire ecology, the regeneration of native plants and species, and the biodiversity of the local area.

Peregrine is committed to giving their students an opportunity to learn by doing. In emulating environmental scientists, students are able to experience inquiry that is “real” and unforgettable.

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