The Importance of Grandparents and Special Friends

The importance of grandparents and special friends

By Lorie Hammond

Next week, April 5-7, is grandparents’ week in all of our classrooms!

I know that all of us appreciate the role that grandparents play in our children’s lives.  We see grandparents dropping off and picking up happy children every day, and know that families are lucky who have grandparents in town who can participate in the daily life of their grandchildren.  But I think we could go further in integrating grandparents and other special friends, including senior citizens in our neighborhoods, in the life of our school.

This week is a time to begin the process.  

Our children could benefit soooo much from grandparents reading stories, helping with projects, or just being an extra adult in their lives, who listens to what they have to say.  I know that grandparents are busy these days, but I think we might reach out more than we have to invite our grandparents or neighbors to be a part of our school life on an everyday or weekly basis.  Think about whether a grandparent or special friend in your family would like such an invitation, and if so let our teachers know.  Our children can also use another special friend!

Please look for notes from your child’s teacher about specific events in your child’s classroom.  Each teacher is organizing his/her own version of this event.  But the days for each of our programs are as follows:

Wednesday, April 5- Grandparents and Special Friends’ Day at Peregrine ECC West—Participation in classrooms from 10:30-11:30 AM, with tea with Director Lorie for those who would like to learn more about the school at 11:30 in Room P-2.  

Thursday, April 6- Grandparents and Special Friends’ Day at Peregrine ECC South– Specific teachers will give you information about when to come.

Friday, April 6- Grandparents and special friends’ day at Peregrine Elementary- Teachers will send information about details.