At Peregrine School, our mission is to educate children to be creative, critical thinkers. We believe in the notion of multiple intelligences, all of which matter. While Reggio Emilia talks about the “hundred languages” of childhood, we try to honor at least Howard Gardner’s eight: linguistic, logical-mathematical, interpersonal (social), intrapersonal (mindful/reflective), visual-spatial, musical, body-kinesthetic, and naturalist. (See Soujourner School’s website for a good summary of these, or Gardner’s book Frames of Mind for more details.)

We believe that children learn best when their many intelligences become integrated through interdisciplinary studies. In order to build the whole child, all Peregrine programs incorporate these features and more:

  • Low teacher: student ratios
  • Highly educated and child centered teaching teams
  • Skills taught individually or in small groups at proper developmental levels
  • Emphasis on integrated studies in science, social studies, and the arts
  • Emphasis on academic language development in English
  • Emphasis on logical thinking/mathematics at all levels
  • Spanish taught by native speakers; exposure to other languages
  • Mindfulness
  • Science and arts taught by experts
  • Physical exercise, health, and nutrition
  • Nutritious lunches and snacks prepared fresh on site
  • Gardens and nature study
  • Attention to social and emotional development
  • Character and pro-social behavior development (Positive discipline in preschool and Cool Tools/conflict resolution in elementary)
  • Aesthetic child created environments
  • Community service learning
  • Internationalism and environmental awareness
  • Frequent field trips beyond the campus

Please refer to our “Learning” overview and the page on “How We Learn” for an in-depth description  about how we teach and learn at Peregrine School.

Detailed information is available on each program and classroom.  Please click below for the program of choice: