Before & After School

Toddler Daycare Davis

All of Peregrine’s Preschool Programs have options for daycare schedules between 7am and 6pm. Please see each individual program description for more information.

After School Davis, CA


Peregrine Elementary offers “Kestrel Club,” an enriched before and after school program for elementary age children (both those enrolled at Peregrine and those enrolled elsewhere). Kestrel Club offers care from 7am to 9am and from 3pm to 6pm. If you are interested in applying to Kestrel Club, but are not applying to Peregrine School please contact us.

After School Music Classes
After School Classes

In addition , Peregrine Elementary School offers a variety of after school classes that are also open to the general public.  These classes are open to all students in grades K-7.

Our 17-18 elementary after school program is full of unique & inspiring class offerings! Click here for more information on classes and registration.