Our Team Members


Kejie Duan

Kejie, who also goes by Tina, is a member of the National Gymnastics Team of China, has 18 Years as Full-Time Instructor of Gymnastics, Aerobics, Ballet, Yoga, Dance, Tai Chi, and other Martial Arts, etc., at the elite, private Beijing 21st Century International School and many top fitness clubs. She has spent 4 Years as a Part-Time Instructor in Davis, California and the Big Island of Hawaii. She was educated from 1987-1991 in Gymnastics, National Gymnastics Team of China,1991-1993 Training in Acrobatics in Athletics school – Beijing Sports University, 1993-1997 Physical Education and Sports Training, Beijing Sports University, and a Bachelor of Education. She has National Level Certification in Gymnastics, Acrobatics, Aerobics, Ballet, Tai chi, and other Martial Arts. National Level Certification in Teaching Sport and Health, and she has over 20 Gold and Silver Medals in National Competitions. She has worked as Peregrine previously, and is excited to be back to teach in our new Little Mandarin Institute classes as a Dance and Kung Fu instrcutor!