Primaria Summer Camps



ages 4-6

Primaria South and West offer programs for 4-6 year-olds who are preparing for kindergarten or TK programs in the fall. These programs introduce kindergarten readiness in pre-literacy, math, and social skills through exploratory experiences in science, outdoor education, and the arts. STEAM curricula from GEMS (Lawrence Hall of Science) will provide rich science and math experiences, which will be supplemented by art, music, and outdoor play/ gardening in our garden schools.

Sessions are 2-weeks long, with 4 sessions running from 6/21-8/13. All Primaria camps must be paid in full to reserve a spot. EXTENDED CARE IS ONLY AVAILABLE AT PRIMARIA SOUTH.


Primaria Summer Camps

9 am - 2 pm, Monday - Friday

All Day Care

7:30 am - 5:30 pm


Camp Hours

9:00 am - 2:00 pm



Session 1: 6/21-7/02

Primaria - Exercise Camp

Let's kick off summer with a bang by doing some exercise. This camp will consist of lots of exercise and running around. Every morning we will take a walk to the neighborhood park to learn the basics of exercising and why it's important for our bodies. We will use the big grass field to do our morning warm up routine and we will take a run around the grass. After warming up our bodies, we will have some fun by kicking around some soccer balls.

Session 2: 7/05-7/16

Primaria - Nature Camp

Who doesn't like being out in nature and taking long walks to gather natural materials? This is what we will be doing in our two week Nature Camp! In this camp, the students will go on walks around the school and in the nearby parks in the morning to learn about and gather materials such as sticks, pine cones, and more. Later in the day, students will use the materials they have gathered to create some beautiful art to take home!

Session 3: 7/19-7/30

Primaria - Ocean Camp

Let's take a dive to see what animals live in the ocean! This camp will be a lot of fun because we will explore the ocean and play in the water. In this camp, we will get to know ocean animals by exploring the different levels of the ocean. During activity time, we will create our own ocean animals through a variety of different art activities. We will also have a lot of fun at the water tables defrosting animals that may have come frozen.

Session 4: 8/2-8/13

Primaria - Building Camp

Let's learn about buildings, their structures, and why some are tall, small, different sizes and shapes. During this camp students will be learning all about buildings and their structures. Students will then get to create their own buildings in multiple ways! They will get to draw out their buildings and then they get to build their structures with the blocks in the classroom. By the end of this camp, students will get to build their very own building out of clay.