Fundraising and donations are critical to the financial health of Peregrine School.   As tuition revenue only covers 89% of our operational costs, Peregrine School relies on support from its community - be that parents, grandparents, or friends of Peregrine. Because Peregrine School is a 501(3) non-profit, all donations are tax-deductible and go directly to improving our school and the lives of our children.

Our financial needs have been exacerbated by school closure during the COVID-19 pandemic. For those of you who have not been as affected by this crisis and have the means, please consider making a donation to Peregrine School to help cover our shortfall. No amount is too small.

We wish to be transparent with our donors in why we need financial support, how you can help us, and how we spend our money. To learn more, please continue reading!

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Like most independent schools, Peregrine School faces the challenge that tuition alone covers only some of our expenses (89.5%). Next year, our expenses are anticipated to increase by 6%, mostly due to wages increase.  Wages are already our single largest expense as they make up 65% of our total expenses. Minimum wage is increasing by $4.00 over 4 years (~7.5% each year) until it reaches $15.00/hour in 2022, meaning wages will become an even greater expense. Our funding challenge over the next two years is to keep pay equity. This means that as minimum wage increases, we need to raise all our staff comparably, not just the staff earning minimum wage.


The 2020-2021 tuition must increase enough to cover most of our anticipated additional expenses. However, raising tuition is not sustainable. In order to stabilize tuition rates, we need your help to increase our non-tuition sources of income. Every gift matters. Every gift makes a difference.




How to Help

We would be truly grateful if you would consider donating to Peregrine School. You may mail a donation check to:

Peregrine South

2650 Lillard Dr.

Davis, CA 95618

Please include your name if you are comfortable so we can properly thank you!

You may also donate online through our system here:

Finally, you can support us by buying our merchandise! Please visit our online Peregrine Store to see what items we have:

Some employers are matching employee donations. If yours is, please contact Su-Fei (sufei@peregrineschool.org) to help facilitate adding the Peregrine Project as an approved charity.

We thank you deeply for your kindness!



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