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7:30-9:00 Before-school care (children will enter the Pandas classroom at 8:30)


9:00-9:15 Informal play, greetings


9:15-9:45 Circle time, partly in Mandarin, including songs, calendar, and daily schedule


9:45-10:15 Outdoor time


10:15-10:30 Bathroom, hand washing, and snack


10:30-11:45 Activity time – mixed languages, science and art, fantasy play, blocks


11:45-12:00 Quiet time and stories


12:00-12:30 Bathroom, hand washing, and lunch


12:30-1:30 Specialties – Chinese music, arts and crafts in small groups, and free play time


1:30-2:00 Clean-up, final circle sharing


2:00 Curriculum-only students go home


2:15-5:30 Daycare activities

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