Peregrine Project is an umbrella organization that is comprised of three main programs: Peregrine School, Peregrine Center, and Peregrine International.



Peregrine Center, housed in our South Davis location, is a place for weekend and after school classes and public gatherings related to education, wellness and the arts. Our purpose is to provide a space in South Davis where workshops and lectures related to education and wellness, as well as classes in dance, yoga, music or other arts, can be held. Our emphasis is on family education, although classes can be offered for particular age groups. Peregrine Center is available for rent to the general public as well as like-minded organizations, kitchen, meeting spaces of various sizes, and outdoor spaces are available.



Peregrine International is a local and international service learning community. This community has several purposes:


  • Classes that complement theoretical learning with hands-on, community-based exploration.

  • Opportunities for people interested in finding solutions to community, environmental and social justice problems.

  • International service learning opportunities for youth, families, teachers, and other interested community members.



The first Peregrine International projects have been in collaboration with Grupo Fenix, a Nicaraguan organization working with rural communities to develop and promote renewable resource technologies and sustainable development. In 2009, Peregrine International organized a trip for twenty educators to visit the Nicaraguan community and teach art and science lessons in the elementary school. The visit culminated in what has become the community’s first annual Solar Energy Art & Science fair.



Since 2010, Peregrine International worked with Team Blend, a group of sciences students from DaVinci High School in Davis. The students’ first challenge was to design a pedal-powered blender for Mujeres Solares de Totogalpa, a group of women in rural Nicaragua who are starting a restaurant that uses only renewable energy. The students traveled to Nicaragua to share how to build the pedal-powered blender, teach science lessons in the local elementary school, and participate in other energy and environmentally related projects in the community. The Team Blend collaboration continued with a second trip — including new students and new projects — in the summer of 2012.


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