Growing Whole Children In the Garden is almost here!

Dear Peregrine community,

I am thrilled to announce that my book Growing Whole Children in the Garden: Seasonal Explorations from Peregrine School, will be available on Amazon and at select locations soon, including at Peregrine School! This book is about understanding big ideas through the concrete experience of nature, culture, and place. Learn more at

This book is directed to families, as well as to preschool teachers, and shares a lifetime of explorations that I have done with children in science, gardening, cooking, art, and cultural studies over the years so that others can do them too. It also has many sections by Peregrine teachers sharing their favorite explorations. 

The book is organized around the seasons and can be accompanied by a calendar poster Seasons in the Garden, which families and classrooms can use to orient themselves to things that can be done in each season and to visualize the year as the cycle it is. The calendar is in the book but can be purchased as a large-sized interactive poster through,

or along with the book at Peregrine School.

It is time to share the great things we do at Peregrine School with a broader audience. Working at home during Covid-19 gave me the time to write this book with the help of my artist daughter, Alexandra, who designed and illustrated the book and poster. It has been a

privilege to work with my own daughter and to see my ideas turn into a beautiful, illustrated text. 

Pass this around! Some proceeds from each book will go to Peregrine School, and the book will pass along our school's important ideas about education and the environment to a broader community. We felt an urgency to finish this project at this time, when families are home with their children and need meaningful things to do, and when concerns about the environment are on everyone's mind. 

Peregrine School is such a wonderful community. I am thrilled to be able to celebrate it through this book.  We will keep you posted when you can get a signed copy. 

Love, Lorie Hammond

Founding Director, Peregrine School


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