Seasons in The Garden: An Infographic of Experiential Inquiries and Practices

Updated: Feb 11

Dear friends, I am thrilled to announce that the Seasons in the Garden poster is now available on our website! This 18x24” infographic poster represents the genesis of my book on the experiential inquiries and practices I have been developing at Peregrine School. I founded this school as the crowned jewel of fifty years as a parent, grandparent, teacher and professor of education.

I am hard at work on the book, which contains some of the best lessons in place-based education adapted for parents and anyone caring for children. I have been collaborating with my daughter, Alexandra Hammond, who is creative director and illustrator of the book to make it a truly beautiful and interactive piece. Several teachers from Peregrine School, as well as my family members and dearest friends have also contributed to the book.

As you know, the project of Growing Whole Children is a labor of love. As we face the uncertainty of school reopenings this fall, the ongoing specter of fires in the West, and threats to our electoral democracy, this book takes on more and more meaning and urgency. My mission in life has been to connect children with their purpose by teaching them how to create and think freely and to feel their connection with the world around them. Caring for the earth and her people is a matter of survival. It is the foundation of what I teach. It has brought me joy and kept me curious for decades, and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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