Late-afternoon and early-evening camps led by expert teachers including a chef, a Chess master, and a local artist. Camps will explore a single topic in-depth and provide students a chance to learn new skills. Advanced coding, game design, and animation camps are also available for teens. 

Elementary and Preschool Summer Camps Also Available 

Peregrine Pre/Teen Camps

2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Monday - Friday

(except July 3)

Early Bird Price

February 21 - May 15


Regular Price

May 16 Onwards


Sylvan Coding Camps

2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Monday - Friday

(except July 3)

Early Bird Price

February 21 - May 15


Regular Price

May 16 Onwards




Week 1: 6/15-6/19

Science in the Kitchen

Grades 6th-11th, ages 10-17

Learn the science behind cooking! Each day we will focus on a different ingredient, how eggs thicken, why gluten is important to bread rising and more. Topics covered will include knife skills, kitchen and food safety and cleanliness, measurement, and how to read a recipe. Join experienced cooking instructor Laura Doyle in this week-long exploration of cooking and science

Week 2: 6/22-6/26


Grades 6th-11th, ages 10-17

Join professional photographer and artist Melissa Uroff for this week-long course in photography. This course will focus on composition, allowing students to take their own photos, print them, and learn to hand-tint their photos. Learn a new skill and take home your own prints!

Week 3: 6/29-7/2

Sylvan Learning: Intro to Coding

Grades 6th-9th, ages 10-14

Join us for a fun introduction to coding for kids of all ages and levels! This class is specially geared towards students in 6th-9th grade, insuring students will learn coding through fun and age appropriate activities

Week 4: 7/6-7/10

Advanced Drawing

Grades 6th-11th, ages 10-17

Make your drawings a window into whatever world you choose. This class will teach you the drawing, perspective, and lighting tools that don’t only apply to giant city buildings, but also to portraits, shading, character design, cartoons and everything else. We will draw boxes, cylinders, pyramids, and cones before moving into using that knowledge to do more interesting scenes/drawings that students will choose. All styles of drawing are welcome! 

Week 5: 7/13-7/17

Sylvan Learning: Game Design 202

Grades 6th-9th, ages 10-14

Through animations & video game design, students will get to  explore basic programming and learn a valuable skill. Get a head start through this coding class that makes advanced computer skills accessible and fun. This class is geared towards students in grades 6th-9th. 

Week 6: 7/20-7/24

Sylvan Learning:

Animation Studio

Grades 6th-9th, ages 10-14

Students will explore animation basics with cartoons, games & music videos. Students will be able to learn the basic of computer animation, teachig both pratical computer skills and allowing them a chance to create and express themselves! 

Week 7: 7/26-7/31

Sylvan Learning: Python Coding

Grades 6th-9th, ages 10-14

In this advanced lesson plan, students will be introduced to Python as they complete engaging lessons, solve challenging puzzles, and build their own games in Python. This course is ideal for students who have already completed at least one coding course and are comfortable with the basics of programming logic and computational thinking. This course will help them transition to Python and adapt to the additional challenges of text-based syntax. 

Week 8: 8/3-8/7

Overiew of Chess

Grades 6th-9th, ages 10-14

Through this week-long camp, chess instructor Tom Corbett will present five topics relating to chess strategy and gameplay. Each day consists of three one-hour lessons, with each lesson consisting of a lecture (15-30 min), followed by a game session (30-45 min). This is a great opportunity for chess players of various skill levels to practice, have fun, and learn more about the wonderful game of chess!


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