Kathy Fairclough

Financial Administrator

Kathy spent her early childhood in Oak Park, IL, a suburb of Chicago. When she was in fourth grade, her family moved to Davis, where she attended Pioneer Elementary, Holmes Junior High, and then Davis Senior High. She graduated from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL with a Bachelor's in Political Science and a minor in Economics. Apart from working at Peregrine School, Kathy runs a thriving math-mentoring business where she mentors children from first grade through high school. For some of her students, Kathy supports them through their school coursework. For other students, she provides a supplementary curriculum that allows them to explore more advanced topics and build math knowledge beyond the scope of their school coursework. Kathy enjoys finding strategic pathways that guide children to understanding and mastering math. When she has time, Kathy also enjoys artistic and design-related projects; she finds pleasure in creating and fixing things. In April 2013, she re-designed the Peregrine School staff room to be more beautiful and functional for the Peregrine ECC staff!