Fundraising and donations are critical to the operations and financial health of Peregrine School. As we grow as a school, so do the needs for community support and investment. In order to facilitate future growth and improvement for Peregrine School, we are starting the very first Peregrine School, Annual Fund.  Donations to this fund will help close the gap between tuition revenue and the cost of providing a high quality, project-based educational experience for our students.

As tuition revenue only covers __% of operational costs, Peregrine School hopes for 100% participation from its community, be that parents, grandparents, or friends of the school. As a 501(3) Non-profit, all donations are tax-deductible and go directly to improving our school and the lives of our children. 

Any and all donations are appreciated and needed. As an added bonus, we have the following awards available to donors in the following donation levels:

Peregrino $500+

Receives all the previous awards, as well as being featured on the Peregrine website & social media, and ​free entry to the Spring Fiesta. $84+ a month for 6 months. 

Nestling  $400 - $499

All donors at the Nestling level ​will receive the same benefits for the previous two levels, in addition to being entered in a drawing for a weekend vacation at a cabin in Lake Tahoe (more info).                    $67-$83 a month for 6 months

Fledgling $300 - $399

All donors at the Fledgling level will receive the Hatchling level ​prizes, as well as be entered into a drawing for a raffle for ____.               $50-$66 a month for 6 months

Hatchling $200 - $299

All donors at the Hatchling level will receive a Peregrine tote bag, 2 adult t-shirts, 2019 Art Festival cards & calendar, and other prizes!​$33-$49 a month for 6 months.

Gifts to the Annual Fund may be designated to one of the two following funds:

Elementary Annual Fund

Donations to this fund help to offset the cost of running our elementary specialty classes, staff salaries, class trips, professional development, educational experiences, and more. 

Early Childhood Center Annual Fund

Donations to this fund will help to offset the cost of both South and West ECC programs. This fund will help to provide each class with materials, room and yard improvements, staff salaries, professional development, and more. 

We understand that all of our donors are vested in Peregrine School and are interested in why we need this support, how exactly we are spending this money, and the ways it helps our community. To see more details about the why and how of it all, please continue reading! 












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