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What happens to my application? 

If you apply for a schedule & program that is available, you will receive an offer letter to enroll via email. If you apply for a schedule & program that is not available, you will be added to our waiting list and contacted once your desired space becomes available. You may make adjustments to your application by contacting the Admissions Administrator. We are happy to update your preferences!


What are our ratios like? 

Our student-teacher ratio varies between 1:4 and 1:8 depending on the age group. Low ratios ensure that each child receives a great deal of individual attention and guidance. Low ratios also facilitate small group work, which is an important part of the day at Peregrine School.


How long is the wait list? How fast does it usually move? How do I get on it?
The wait list varies by site, schedule, and classroom. Email to find out about available spaces in the program.

Are snacks and lunch included in tuition?
Yes. Healthy, balanced snacks are included in every student’s tuition. A hot, nutritious lunch featuring local and organic ingredients when available, is cooked by our school chefs, and is included in the tuition of every child signed up for elementary, extended care preschool or daycare preschool.


How do we accommodate special dietary needs (allergies, vegetarianism, etc.)?
Many of our lunches feature a vegetarian option, and we publish our lunch menus at the beginning of every month so that parents of children who eat vegetarian diets can plan accordingly. It may sometimes be necessary for these parents to pack a protein option.


Peregrine eradicates many allergy problems by sustaining a peanut-free environment. Parents of children with other allergies or dietary needs are welcome to discuss these with the head teacher and chef or send a lunch box to school.


How well do students transition from Peregrine to public schools? And vice versa?

Many parents bring their children to Peregrine School for their early years with the intent to transition them into a public school in kindergarten or first grade. Because our programs are fueled by students’ interests, in addition to covering state curriculum, our students have a broader knowledge base and more experience in every subject which better prepares them for continuing onto any school.


Children who transition from a public or homeschooling environment flourish at the Peregrine School. Our students learn in an environment that is nurturing, creative, and fun. To experience an environment where children thrive, visit us.

What do we do when kids have a disagreement or get in a fight?

Arguing is one of the natural and universal ways children learn to navigate relationships. When fights start, our teachers help children work through their conflicts by supplying children with the vocabulary of conflict resolution in the moment. Our goal is to guide children through conflicts in their early years so that they may confidently and successfully solve their own problems as they grow.


Where can I find more information on school policies?
To learn more about our programs and policies, please see our parent handbooks:

Peregrine Early Childhood Center Parent Handbook
Peregrine Elementary Parent Handbook



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