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Reggio-Emilia and

A central principle of Reggio-inspired education is the fostering of creativity in the child.  At Peregrine School, our goal is to balance critical and creative thinking. We employ an inquiry approach to academic subjects which
encourages critical thinking.  

Another central Reggio principle is to celebrate the “hundred languages of childhood” (Malaguzzi).  At Peregrine School, we simplify this idea- into a focus on Howard Gardner’s* eight intelligences.  Arts education is the major way in which some of these intelligences, including visual/spatial , musical/rhythmic, and bodily/kinesthetic intelligences,
can be taught. 


Arts Education

All Peregrine classroom teachers integrate arts experiences as a major part of their regular teaching day.  These experiences range from singing and dancing at circle times to participating in various visual arts projects
during activity time.  

After-school and summer classes are offered at Peregrine School in many subjects, including the arts.  Students who desire more in-depth exploration in areas of music, dance, drama, visual arts, film-making than they get during the school day can participate in after school or summer classes, which are also open to other students from the community.

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