Every year, Peregrine School hosts our annual Halloween Art Festival.

Each year the theme is selected by an Arts Festival Committee, and all of the Peregrine students develop their own piece of art that centers around that theme. The arts festival typically features food, drinks, live music, parades, art exhibits, and activities for kids and families. 

Keep reading to see details about this year's festival!

2019 Art Festival

For the 2019 Halloween Art Festival, the selected theme is: 

"Same, Same, but Different: How Children See Their World" 

This theme is inspired from a children's book, "Same, Same But Different" by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw (see here for more about the book). 

Our goal is to have all classes read aloud the book and talk to their students about how we are all the same and different. We have the same things in our lives-- like food, clothes, houses, families-- but that we value the ways these are different as well.  Our students will then make their own artwork, out of watercolors and markers, that answers the guiding question,

"What does your world look like?".


Our goal is to make "students' thinking visible", Reggio style, on issues related to diversity and how we each see the world.  Our goal is also social practice-- using art to create ongoing dialogue about these issues.  The student's art will be posted in the halls of Peregrine School the week leading up to the arts festival, and various classes can visit each other's art and write comments on what they see on blank paper next to the artwork.

These artworks will be displayed at Peregirne School on the day of the art festival, along with more blank paper for visitors to also make their comments.  Our goal is to create a big dialogue about our world and worlds, centering on the issue of shared and diverse aspects.  

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