Peregrine Elementary School recognizes that paying for a private school education can be a challenge for families. We are committed to keeping our elementary program accessible to families from a range of economic backgrounds. To achieve this goal, Peregrine Elementary School offers flexible tuition families who apply and demonstrate financial need. 

Our Flexible Tuition Program provides families, from those who can only afford the minimum tuition to those who can afford almost full tuition, with the opportunity to apply for reduced tuition. 

Flexible Tuition ranges from 20% to 95% of full tuition. To determine each family’s ability to pay, Peregrine Elementary School partners with TADS, a third party financial aid evaluation service. TADS considers numerous factors including income, assets, family size, number of children in tuition-charging schools and unusual expenses e.g., care of an elderly parent. Due to our limited resources, we may not be able to offer flexible tuition to every student who qualifies for both admission and a reduced tuition.


Before submitting an official application to TADS, we highly recommend filling out the Financial Aid Application Worksheet. Although the worksheet cannot be accepted as an official application, it will be extremely helpful in preparing you for it. The worksheet also lists supporting documentation that you will need for the official application.


Once you have completed the worksheet, fill out the official TADS Flexible Tuition Application. The Flexible Tuition application for 2020-2021 opens to families on February 1, 2020, with the priority deadline being March 11, 2020. Following that date we will be accepting applications on a rolling basis.





IS MY FAMILY ELIGIBLE FOR FLEXIBLE TUITION? We cannot determine the level of tuition award until the family submits an official completed application.


IF A FAMILY PARTICIPATES IN THE FLEXIBLE TUITION PROGRAM THIS YEAR, DOES THE FAMILY STAY IN THE PROGRAM UNTIL GRADUATION?  To remain in the Flexible Tuition Program, the family must reapply each year. Provided family circumstances remain the same and Peregrine Elementary School’s resources can continue to support the program to the same extent, Peregrine Elementary School intends to fund the student for the duration of their time here.


IN THE CASE OF FAMILIES WITH TWO HOUSEHOLDS (I.E., DIVORCED, SEPARATED) OR UNMARRIED PARTNERS IN THE SAME HOUSEHOLD, DO BOTH HOUSEHOLDS OR BOTH PARENTS/GUARDIANS HAVE TO SUBMIT FINANCIAL INFORMATION? Yes.  All households must participate in the application process, and provide financial information along with the last year's tax documents i.e., 1040, W-2, and relevant schedules, for consideration in the Flexible Tuition Program. Peregrine Elementary School determines ability to pay by factoring in all available resources from parents, step-parents, and unmarried partners, regardless of custody or other legal issues. If you have questions based on your specific situation, please call our Admissions Administrator at (530) 753-5500.


IF A FAMILY PARTICIPATES IN THE FLEXIBLE TUITION PROGRAM, ARE THEY STILL ELIGIBLE FOR SIBLING DISCOUNTS ON TUITION? Yes. Sibling discounts will be applied to the tuition determined by the Flexible Tuition program.


WILL PEREGRINE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STILL BE OFFERING FINANCIAL AID? The Flexible Tuition Program replaces our financial aid program.

Here are some examples of flexible tuition. These examples are provided for informational purposes only. It is not a guarantee that a family with similar circumstances will pay the same tuition. We cannot determine the level of tuition a family will pay until the family submits a completed application. For reference, the regular tuition rate for 2019-2020 is $13,850/year.


TADS is available to assist you with questions in filling out your application or to check the status of your application through the following:


Email: tads-support@communitybrands.com

Toll-Free: 1-800-477-8237, Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m.to 8:00 p.m. Central Time

Telephone: (612) 548-3320, Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Central Time

Fax: (612) 548-3326


The family has two children under 18 years of age. Both children attend Peregrine School, with one in elementary and one in preschool. 

Combined Household Income: $61,500

Annual Deductions: $40,000 

Additional Expenses: $5,000/year for extracurricular activities for the whole family and a gardener for their home

Flexible Tuition: $6,030/academic year for the elementary-aged student


The family has two children under 18 years of age. Both children attend Peregrine School. 

Combined Household Income: $147,000 

Annual Deductions: $77,500

Additional Expenses: $12,800/year for extracurricular activities, a housekeeper and a nanny

Flexible Tuition: $9,000/academic year per student 


The family has two children under 18 years of age. One child attends Peregrine Elementary and the other child attends public school.

Combined Household Income: $92,000

Annual Deductions: $54,500

Additional Expenses: $18,500/year for extracurricular activities

Flexible Tuition: $9,450/academic year


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