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All parents and teachers want their children to master reading and writing.   To assure that every child at Peregrine School reaches his/her full potential in language arts, close to an hour per day is designated to this subject, and, in addition, reading, writing, and speaking are incorporated across the curriculum as part of project based learning.  During the language arts period each morning, students work at their individual level within a shared context. 


At Peregrine Elementary, we are guided by Cognitively Guided Instructional methods(CGI) in mathematics. This approach builds on two notions: 1) that mathematics is a way of thinking and problem solving, not simply a set of algorithms to be learned and practiced; and 2) that mathematics teaching should center on the transmission of cognitive understandings, which can only come from students doing their own problem solving and talking with each other about math. 


We devote one hour per day to mathematics, as well as integrating math into STEM work.  Our goal is to balance students’ growing understanding of mathematical systems with a growing set of math skills which help students to use math as a tool. As in reading, individual students are tested and work in groups at their own level, so that each student can advance at a pace that best suits them.

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