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Stage Moves Forward in February

During the month of February, the Crows class has been involved with Peregrine's new stage project.

Amy Roehl, Administrative Director, first visited the Crows class in early February. She and class discussed what a blueprint was, and how it represented the actual stage. After the classroom discussion, the Crows looked at the current stage and learned how the new stage will be situated.

A few weeks later Amy once again visited the class. This time she brought samples of the stage surface material. The class looked at the 4 samples under a variety of lighting conditions. The lesson concluded with each crow voting for their favorite sample.

The Administration will be voting on the samples this month and soon, the selected sample will be revealed.

If you would like to make a contribution to Peregrine's Stage Project, please email Su-Fei Kuok, Financial Director, at


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