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Students entering grades 1 through 6 are eligible to apply for our Peregrine Elementary scholarships. We offer scholarships to students that show academic promise and are highly motivated to attend Peregrine. The scholarships provide 35% off the annual tuition and is continued for each year the child is enrolled at the school, contingent on satisfactory academic performance and social behavior. 

The number of scholarship recipients depends on the number of applicants and school funding. Flexible Tuition and scholarship awards cannot be combined. Sibling Discounts and scholarships awards cannot be combined.

Submission Guidelines

The composition may be in any medium or combination of media. For example, it can be a short film, a written essay, or photo essay. While it is acceptable for the student to obtain limited support from adults or other children, the composition must clearly be prepared and executed by the student. There is no specific restriction on the amount of content; generally, a text should be no more than five pages, a film no more than five minutes.

Submit your composition to our Admissions Administrator at our South campus office (2650 Lillard Drive). The submission deadline for the 2024-2025 school year is March 18, 2024. If it is an essay, please submit a printed copy. If it is a film or photo study, please submit it on electronic storage (disc or thumb drive). 

If you have questions, contact our Admissions Administrator at or (530) 753-5500.

The Challenge

​Peregrine School values students who are individualistic, and who have a passion for learning. Because we have a  rigorous program in science, the arts, humanities, and social and environmental responsibility, our goal is to find committed and talented students who can make maximum use of the opportunities this program offers. 


The challenge is designed to enable students to demonstrate these qualitiesTo apply for the scholarship submit a composition that addresses the following questions: 

Who am I?

What are my particular passions and interests?

What can I contribute to the
Peregrine school community?

Evaluation Process

Student submissions will be judged using a rubric that considers the following elements, all of which are central to Peregrine’s mission:


Critical thinking

Quality of content

Evidence of a passion for learning

Good organization and presentation


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