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Chris Erickson

Head of School - Crows Head Teacher

Chris joined Peregrine School in 2010 as a substitute teacher and "marketing specialist," to use a term loosely. When the Elementary school opened in 2011-12, he became an associate teacher in the upper grades, and head teacher for the Crows class (5-6 grade) the following year. He became Peregrine School's garden manager in 2016, and Elementary School Director in 2019.
Chris has a Bachelor's in cinema and photography from the University of Southern Illinois, Carbondale, as well as a Master's in English, with a specialty in Creative Writing, from UC Davis. In addition to teaching English at the college level for several years, he was an instructor at Spy Hop Productions in Salt Lake City, teaching filmmaking to kids ages nine through sixteen. He has also been a volunteer youth soccer and basketball coach. 

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