The toddler program at Peregrine School is our newest and youngest program.  Children who are 18-30 months are invited to join a small classroom (12 students total) for an intimate, exploratory, play based program.  Children remain in this program for 6-12 months, depending on their readiness to move on.  They become eligible for Escuelita, our program for 2.5-4 year olds, after 30 months of age.


Program Details:
* Program available in South Davis & West Davis
* Teacher:Student Ratio- 1:6
*Full Time Schedule Option with limited part-time availability


The “El Nido” Classroom is designed for toddlers 18-30 months of age.  It is defined by the following features:


  • A Reggio Inspired classroom, centered on exploration through all senses

  • Learning expanded through inquiries focused on children’s interests

  • A rich environment with many dimensions

  • High quality interactions, with small student: staff ratios

  • Year round program

  • Full-time schedules available with very limited part-time availability



Classroom goal: To help the children develop autonomy, creativity, and critical thinking skills, thus supporting their journey to become life-long learners.  To encourage language development, in English and Spanish, and socialization and communication in general.



For more information on the pedagogy, curriculum, and methods in the Patitos program,  click here. See a sample schedule of a day in Patitos.


Toddlers are in the heart of the sensory-motor learning stage. For them, everything involves the five senses, and it is upon these senses that our program is built. Experiences with paint, clay, sand, water, ooblek, and more will mark each day.


Besides loving to experience, the toddler is a language sponge. We will explore language through songs, stories, puppet shows, drama and more. Teachers “sportscast” as toddlers play, helping them learn to communicate with each other. Teachers also introduce Spanish painlessly, through songs, rhymes, and games. A child who is exposed to a second language as a toddler will forever find languages easier to learn than the monolingual child.

Like all Peregrinos, toddlers can be artists and gardeners, actors and musicians. Assisted by their teachers, they will make and remake their world on a daily or weekly basis. In the process, they will learn by watching each other, contributing to mutual projects, and eventually by socializing. As toddlers learn to pass the playdough, and even to make friends, they prepare for the highly social world of Escuelita (ages 2.5-4).

Parents are welcome in the toddler program, where many hands are needed. All visitors to toddler land should get down low and join in the play!


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