(Schedule varies somewhat from day to day)


7:00-9:00 AM         Students who come early have quiet play and set up class


9:00 AM       Escuelita class starts.  Greetings/parent farewells


9:15 AM       Circle time followed by thematic activities in groups by age (2’s and 3’s)


10:00 AM    Bathroom and morning snack


10:30 AM    Activity time with free choice and special activities in art, science, gardening offered.  Many activities are outside.


12:00 PM    Bathroom and wash hands for lunch


12:15 PM    Lunch, family style, followed by free play


1:00 PM       Prepare for nap; bathroom


1:30 PM       Nap for nappers; quiet play for children who do not nap


2:00 PM       9-2 students leave. 


3:30 PM       Nappers wake up; bathroom and hand washing


3:45 PM       Afternoon snack.


4:00 PM       Afternoon activities including many program elements


5:30 PM       Clean up/chores.  Quiet play.


6:00 PM       End of day.  All students must be picked up.


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(530) 753-5533

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