Our Escuelita program has been running since 2007.  Throughout its existence, teachers have developed a highly enriched experience for 2.5-4 year old children.  The program is play-based, and centers around the child as explorer and active learner.  Classrooms are large so that children can experience a variety of teachers, experts, and environments, but children learn and play in small groups with one teacher/aide per group.


As in all of our ECC classes, our goal is to help children develop autonomy, creativity, and critical thinking skills and to support their journey as life-long learners.  We encourage language development in both Spanish and English, an emergent understanding of science and the arts, and the development of social-emotional skills.


Program Details:
* Programs available in West Davis and South Davis
* Teacher:Student Ratio- 1:6 during curriculum hours and 1:8 during daycare hours
*Weekly Schedule Options-
-Full Week
*Daily Schedule Options-
-Curriculum (9am to 2pm)
-Curriculum+Extended Care (7am-6pm)

Our Escuelita program includes the following:


  • A Reggio-inspired classroom, centered on exploration through the senses and encouragement of child-centered fantasy play

  • A rich environment with many choices and dimensions

  • High quality interactions, with small student: teacher ratios

  • Weekly exposure to specialists in the arts and sciences

  • Introduction of circle time instruction and emergent thematic studies which extend for long periods to allow for depth

  • Emphasis on Spanish, science, and the arts

  • Use of music and dance as a tool to teach Spanish

  • Positive discipline approach which supports the development of character, empathy, and communication skills

  • Introduction to nutrition with healthy snacks and a nutritious lunch program. Family style lunches are served every day.

  • Year round program, with 10-month school year and summer sign-ups in two week sessions (July and August only).

  • Options for part and full time students



For more information on the pedagogy, curriculum, and methods in the program, click here. See a sample schedule of a day in Escuelita.


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