SCIENCE At peregrine

The world is full of natural phenomena which children (and adults) experience daily. They make us question:

WHY is this happening?

HOW does this work?

WHAT is this?

How do we turn this natural questioning into science?

At Peregrine School, we try to imitate the actions of a professional in whatever discipline we are studying. This leads to active rather than passive learning. In science, we do the active work of scientists: we observe, record, communicate, question, experiement, analyze, reflect, compare our work to the findings of others, and do it all again. 

Science is a major subject at Peregrine School for several reasons. Ours is a science-oriented community which values the kind of critical and creative thinking that science teaches. In addition, science is a perfect subject for project based learning, since it is all about inquiry and problem solving. And most importantly, science is fun for kids.


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