Why learn outside?

At Peregrine School, we are committed to experiential learning at all levels.  While our classrooms are very rich, nothing compares to the informal learning opportunities which present themselves when we go outside.  Imagine we are learning shapes in the preschool.  Inside we have circles, squares, and triangles, represented by any number of blocks, manipulatives, and paper models.  Even the doors and windows are shapes.  A creative teacher can invent many possibilities. But when we go outside, the variety of shapes proliferates.  How many shapes are there in leaves, and even from a single tree, how many sizes and variations in texture, color, condition?  How many kinds of days—in temperature, humidity, sunshine or cloudiness?  The infiniteness of nature is apparent in even the simplest play-yard, and possibilities expand further when we add intentional gardens and nature walks.  

Richard Louv’s book Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder, was an immediate best seller because of the fact that so many urban and even suburban children rarely experience nature.  At Peregrine School, in contrast, we do everything we can outside.  Our various outdoor programs are explained in the following slides. 


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