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Peregrine School strives to teach students good nutrition.

We seek a balanced approach to food that takes as its premise the following:

To accomplish our goals, we have developed the following programs:

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Within our food and nutrition programs, we must meet basic legal guidelines for school lunch programs; serve as many whole grains, fruits, and vegetables as possible; provide adequate protein, calories, calcium, iron, fatty acids, and other nutrients; and ensure that food is safe.

Some additional matters that we consider:


To best balance our many goals, we are introducing new and nutritious foods to the children slowly, being sure to also provide foods that the majority of them will eat.

Overall, it is important to be realistic. Our approach has encouraged kids to experiment with foods they’ve never eaten before. Cooking With Kids and the garden will both, over time, promote this trend. At the same time, parents should not expect the school to accomplish things that parents themselves have not accomplished with their children at home.

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