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Peregrine Students Make "Fall-Apart Flower Bombs"

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Seed bombs!

This is the time to seed vacant lots and garden edges with wildflower seeds, which will germinate over the winter as the rains come. A fun way to do this with kids is to be slightly rebellious and make a "seed bomb"- a mixture of clay, seed, and potting soil that can be thrown anywhere in the hope that it will grow flowers in the spring! Here is how to do that simple but fun activity with your child:

Recipe for seed bombs:

1 pound of natural clay (to hold the ball together)

1 pound of compost (bagged compost is fine—homemade is too)

1 large package poppy seeds or wildflower seeds (or both)

Mix the ingredients together in a large bowl like a cookie dough, making sure that the seeds are mixed evenly throughout. Roll the mixture into balls an inch or two across, and you are ready to bomb the neighborhood with spring beauty.


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