Primaria is a play-based pre-k and transitional kindergarten program for 4-6 year old children with a focus on science, Spanish, and the arts.


As in all of our ECC classes, our goal is to help children develop autonomy, creativity, and critical thinking skills and to support their journey as life-long learners.  We encourage language development in both Spanish and English, an emergent understanding of science and the arts, and the development of social-emotional skills.


Program Details: Pre-K Science STEM Preschool
* Programs available in West Davis and South Davis
* Teacher:Student Ratio- 1:8
*Full-Week Schedule Options
*Daily Schedule Options-
-Curriculum (9am to 2pm)
-Curriculum+Daycare (7am-6pm)

The Primaria program is play-based, and centers around the child as explorer and active learner.  For this reason, the day is 5 hours long, allowing time for the introduction of kindergarten level skills, exploration in the arts, and free choice, active play.  Specific disciplines are introduced actively.  Teachers ask students to behave like a scientist, a writer, an artist, and more, doing projects which fit each exploration.

In this classroom, an emergent Reggio-inspired approach to playful learning meets integrated  thematic instruction.  A theme of “water” persists throughout Primaria’s two year cycle, with focus on the ocean one year and river systems the next, on a rotating basis.  Science drives the curriculum, but Science Preschool emergent themes in all subject areas are honored.  Reading, writing, and numeracy are introduced gently but daily.  They are reinforced through stories, poetry, and drama; through encouraging children to tell their own stories; through labeling and recording observations in science, and more.  Our emphasis in math is on exploring the ways in which numbers, measurement, time, calendars and other mathematical concepts occur in daily life.  Spanish is integrated throughout both themes and daily routines, with music and movement creating a motivational medium for instruction.

Social skills and collaboration are central to everything we do, including cooperative group work and the creation of an atmosphere of respect.  An early awareness of social studies emerges from social situations, in which concepts like tolerance, diversity and fairness can be discussed in immediate and authentic ways.

Primaria students have PE daily, on the big field, and experience specialty classes with artists most afternoons. Their program is play-based, yet balances instructional experiences with child-driven ones.



For more information on the pedagogy, curriculum, and methods in the program, click here. See a sample schedule of a day in Primaria.


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