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We celebrate childhood as a time when children have ample time to play according to what they choose, and to interact with other children to build rich fantasy games. We also celebrate the natural world around us by spending ample time outside, designing fantasy play spaces, and creating art and inquiry options in our classrooms which students can explore freely. In balance, we provide a day full of rich teaching and learning provocations provided by teachers, which invite students to explore expanding areas of creativity and knowledge.


Teachers maintain a portfolio for each child in the Primaria class. The portfolio documents classroom experiences and and a child’s instances of growth, including but not limited to: a record of the child’s response at the beginning, middle, and end of each year to a similar task, such as writing his/her name or drawing a self portrait, so that development in basic areas is recorded; a description of major thematic projects which have occurred over the year and examples of the child’s work responding to these projects; and a developmental continuum marking the child’s skills in reading, writing, and math, to assist parents in determining placement for next year.

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"Earth. It's a rainbow earth. The circle protects everyone so nothing bumps into it. My family and cousins live here."

- Enya, 4 years old

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We attempt to create meaningful interaction with all families, and rely on family support to make our school strong. Parent conferences are held at least annually, and we provide various opportunities such as Back to School Night, informative parent meetings, and performances during the school year, so parents can feel informed about what their children are doing.


Some Primaria students come from 9-2, and others stay for before and/or after care. From 7-8:30 am and 2-5:30 pm.

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