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Dragons Program Curriculum:
小班额 | 数学、科学、艺术、自然、英语 | 全日制 | 营养午餐

Mandarin instruction | 1:8 class size | math, science, art and outdoor education | English language literacy | full-day program | nutritious snacks & lunch provided



9:00–12:00 Integrated morning class offers a mix of Mandarin character reading instruction, along with inquiry into math, science, and art, all in Mandarin.


12:15–1:15 Chef-prepared lunch and recess in our 1-acre garden yard, integrated with students from the Owls Kindergarten and other elementary classes.


1:15–3:00 English language arts instruction, including Zoophonics and the Columbia Reading and Writing Program. Afternoons also include P.E., arts, and science, all taught by specialists.



Students integrate with Peregrine's Owls Kindergarten for various activities, including gardening, chorus, and special projects in the arts. Some time is spent in the Dragons classroom learning Mandarin.

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