A key premise of Reggio Emilia inspired education is that students benefit from learning and working with experts.  Some experts are embedded in our programs, in that we select classroom teachers who have special talents as artists, writers, scientists, and more.  Others are part-time specialists who work with our students from one to four times per week, depending on the subject area.


At present, Peregrine Elementary students receive science and gardening from Teacher Carol, a biologist, for a total of three or four times a week, depending on the grade level.  They also participate in art with Teacher Sonja, an active professional artist, preschool head teacher, and elementary art teacher; music and Spanish combined from Teacher Ricardo, a symphonic musician; and PE from Teacher Chase, a professional coach.   In addition, many parents and community members are experts in various fields and are strongly encouraged to share their knowledge.


We feel that the specialist and community expert programs provide a unique level of depth and enrichment for Peregrine students.


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