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Fenmeng Zhu

Mandarin Kindergarten / Owls Head Teacher

Fenmeng obtained her Master's in Ecology and Ph.D in Farming Systems and Sustainable Agriculture from Northwest A & F University in China. She then worked as a scientist for Nanjing University, UC Davis, and Tongji University. When her first son was born in 2004, Fenmeng became passionate about education. She became a part-time teacher, part-time scientist, and a mom on the journey of self-learning, exploring human development, and education.
Fenmeng came to Peregrine as a science teacher for the Pandas class in 2017. She is a regenerative food advocate and Isha yoga meditator. Fenmeng loves yoga, cooking, gardening, reading, and hiking in mountains. Her dream is to create an education for love of learning, peaceful and joyful life, and a better world.  

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