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The Pingüinos classroom is our newest program. This classroom and yard are designed for our littlest students, starting at 12 months old. A dedicated team of experienced teachers provide a nurturing environment and a sensory-based curriculum filled with language, music, and activities.



El Nido has existed since 2014. Children who are 18-30 months are invited to join a small classroom (12 students in total) for an intimate, exploratory, play-based program. Children remain in this program for 6-12 months, depending on their readiness to move on.  They become eligible for Escuelita, our program for 2-4 year old children, after 30 months of age.



The Escuelita program has existed since 2007, and is a highly enriched experience for 2-4 year old children. The program is play-based, and centers around the child as an explorer and active learner. Classrooms are large for children to experience a variety of teachers, experts environments. Still, children continue to learn and play in intimate settings, with just one teacher or aide per subgroup. This program incorporates Spanish and
Mandarin as language enrichment.



The Pandas program reflects Peregrine's play-based, child-centered philosophies, while incorporating a focus on  language and culture. Designed for 3-5 year old children, this program adjusts the percentages of instruction in English, Spanish and Mandarin according to the nature of activities, students' proficiency, and progress
through the school year.



Primaria is a play-based, pre-K and transitional kindergarten program for 4-6 year old children. It combines a Reggio-inspired approach with integrated study of reading, writing, numeracy, science, Spanish, and the arts. Primaria encourages development in English, Spanish and Mandarin, an emergent understanding of science and the arts, and further development of social-emotional skills.

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